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Heather Spoonheim on Blogger
Read an introduction to Heather, and link to some of her recent blogs.
The Humbug Bistro by Heather Spoonheim
The story of a small town restaurant.
Heather Spoonheim's Personal Blog
Heather's personal ramblings.
Heather Spoonheim's LinkedIn Profile
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Heather Spoonheim on Facebook
Hooked on FB.
Heather Spoonheim on Blogged
Same but different.
Heather Spoonheim on Think Atheist
Heather on politics and religion.
Heather Spoonheim on Web Fiction Guide
A writer in the making.


About Heather

Heather Spoonheim is a restauranteur and a writer, currently living in Quebec City, Canada. She has done cross-country skiing, skydiving and canoeing; she is as able with a hammer or arc welder as she is with a frying pan; and although she can't remember what date is is today, she has a penchant for remembering stories. Heather has moved to a Francophone community and re-immerse herself in the French language. She's done one book and started her next two.